For those seeking a true understanding of professional trading techniques there are only two paths:

Since 2002 The Jake Bernstein Legacy mentor program has taught hundreds of men and women how to trade successfully. Our mentoring students are a rare bread of individuals. They come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, and from all over the world.

They all have one thing in common: They are Realists. They have a real passion for being the best trader possible and they have a Real understanding of what it takes to get there. They understand that being a Real trader doesn’t happen by chance or dumb luck. It requires Real training and they know that in the world of trading there are only two teachers.

1. Learn from the market.

Anyone who has tried this approach has paid the price.

“MOST NEW TRADERS will waste a minimum of five years and in excess of $20.000 trying to find a system to trade commodity futures and options. They will spend thousands of dollars for useless information and many more thousands in failed trades. This sad fact is especially painful to me because it is completely unnecessary.”

--Jake Bernstein

2. Learn from a mentor.

Everyone who has taken this approach has had the price paid to them.

Yes, You Can.

“I would just like to thank you for all your help over the past 9 months. It has been a privilege to have studied under you. I have wanted to be a professional trader for 6 years, and today is my first day. I can attribute my success to the skills and knowledge that you have passed on.”

-- Brad Martin

“A year ago, I purchased mentoring lessons from Jake Bernstein and, from the very first lesson, was immediately pleased with my decision. I was impressed to discover that Jake would dedicate himself to making certain I completely understood what he was trying to teach. He did not rush me through the lesson, so that he might get on to the next student. Not at all. Jake dedicates his best effort to the individual student and he will take as long as necessary till his student ‘gets it.’”

“I am about half way through my mentoring program and I can truly say that the techniques and general market knowledge I have learned have been invaluable. I have already booked enough profitable trades to pay for the mentoring program. To say that Jake's mentoring program provides value for money is a true understatement. The only negative about this experience is the anger I feel towards the other parasitic conmen who have preyed on me and continue to prey on other people who want to learn how to trade the markets.

“Only after studying with Jake did I get a true perspective on just how good he is and how really bad the other guys who advertise their services are! Jake's methods simply work. This is the first time in my trading and investing career that I feel like I am building a solid foundation. This experience is making me better at not only trading but in business in general.

“I thank Jake sincerely for his generosity in being willing to teach his techniques. It is extremely rare to find a master teacher and a master trader embodied within the same individual. I count myself as very fortunate to have the chance to study under someone like Jake. If I had a son or daughter I would mandate that they mentor with Jake before ever putting a dime into the markets.

“Thank you for everything, Jake.”