Enrollment Agreement

Congratulations on your application for acceptance into the Jake Bernstein Legacy Mentoring Program

This agreement will govern the terms and conditions of your enrollment. Please review all information for accuracy as there will be NO modifications, alterations or addendums without the express written consent of the enrollment department.

Course Offering & Curriculum

Student will have an opportunity to evaluate curriculum of program and participate in a personal telephonic interview with Jake Bernstein prior to final enrollment. Upon acceptance into program, student shall adhere to, and be entitled to all provisions as listed below:

1. Course length:

  • Beginner-Intermediate – Level I: six (6) weeks
  • Intermediate-Advanced – Level II: six (6) weeks
  • Level I + Level II – Complete Program: twelve (12) weeks

2. Student shall receive two (2) sessions weekly personal telephonic consultation. Duration of sessions approximately thirty (30) minutes.

3. Student will learn various aspects of short term, intermediate and long term trading in stocks and/or futures as determined in the initial interview

4. Student will be provided with all necessary materials

5. Student will receive FAX and or email practice materials

Student Responsibilities

1. Student will complete assignments in a timely and thorough fashion
2. Student will be available at the determined appointment times
3. Student will be responsible for their own trading actions and decisions
4. Student grants Jake Bernstein/MBH and Commodity Trade Service/CTS the right to use student’s trading results for promotional, publicity and marketing purposes

1. It is understood that the Jake Bernstein Legacy Mentoring Program is for educational & training purposes only. Investment in the Futures & Equities markets hold inherent risk & potential for loss of investment. No guarantees of profit in the trading in these markets are expressed or implied. It is understood that the student will be responsible for their own trading and investing decisions and that Jake Bernstein will not in any way, shape, or form manage, direct, trade or control clients funds or trading. Jake Bernstein is not liable for any profits or losses that occur in client’s account as a result of the educational process.

Cancellation & refund policy

1. The educational materials presented in this course are proprietary and timely. Student will have ten days (10) from beginning of contract before terms of contract are finalized. Should either student or Jake Bernstein determine that course is not appropriate, student and/or Bernstein reserve the right to cancel. In the event of timely cancellation student will receive 100% refund of all tuitions. Student must make request in writing, U.S. registered Mail. Request must be postmarked with-in ten days of beginning of contract. NO Refunds will be issued after that date.
2. Jake Bernstein legacy mentor program is billed by Commodity Trade Service/CTS. If you have paid by credit card your credit card billing statement will reflect a charge by Commodity Trade Service/CTS.
3. All questions regarding billing including requests for cancellation should be directed to:

Commodity Trade Service
P.O. Box 291208
Los Angeles, CA 90029
323 969 1521

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