Jake Bernstein Mentoring Program

Beginner Intermediate Level I

Subject Outline / Summary / Ground Rules
Introduction to Trading

  • what we trade and why we trade
  • are you an investor or are you a trader
  • the reality of trading and investing: who wins or loses in why
  • defining your place
  • setting your plan
  • how to determine your goals
  • dealing with the reality of trading

The Trading Model

  • What is a trading model and why do we use it?
  • Set up trigger and follow through
  • how a trading model facilitates success
  • the critical importance of 100% objective rules
  • why we do not interpret or use judgment
  • three cogent examples

Our Trading Methodologies

  • beginning with the best: seasonality
  • the 100% rule-based objective seasonal method
  • why we trade with 75% or more accuracy
  • complete entry exit at a profit maximizing rules
  • how to use seasonaltrader.com


  • how divergence differs from seasonals
  • how divergence picks tops and bottoms
  • rules and procedures for finding divergence trades
  • have the computer finds divergence trades for us
  • set up trigger and follow through rules
  • profit maximizing strategies
  • application in different time frames

Trading Versus Investing

  • how to determine what to do
  • how to do both successfully
  • how to structure your end of day procedure
  • organizational tools
  • keeping your Journal and learning from your successes and failures
  • summary and six month plan
  • reviewing your goals and limitations as a trader or investor
  • the importance of focus
  • importance of doing your own work

All students will receive assignments which must be completed prior to each one on one lesson with Jake. All students will use the Genesis trade navigator software. All students will be provided with access to seasonaltrader.com and trade – setup.com

All students will be expected to do their homework prior to each lesson. Students will have access to Jake Bernstein via Skype. Jake will utilize the screen sharing (no camera needed) features of Skype. Students will be encouraged to avoid day trading. Students will be encouraged to avoid chat rooms, and business television shows. Real-time trading is not required, however students are encouraged some point to practice with hypothetical accounts and eventually transition into real trading.

Jake Bernstein will not manage client money or make decisions for the client, however, all examples will be 100% specific and rule-based. The risks will be known in advance. Profit targets will be known in advance. There will be no interpretation of anything!

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Intermediate Advanced Level II

General outline / major topics / ground rules

The Jake Bernstein level II mentoring program is designed to take traders from entry level skills to professional procedures, methodologies and organizational aspects for stocks, futures, and Forex. Level II will build on skills acquired in level I or skills traders already have achieved if they have not been through level I. Goals will be as follows:

  • to educate traders in 4 fully objective and 100% rule-based high probability trading methods
  • to provide structure and organizational skills designed to eliminate trading errors and to improve trader discipline
  • to enhance the use of setup-trigger and follow through model
  • to teach three profit maximizing strategies
  • to elucidate and clarify the salient aspects of track records as a means of maximizing accuracy and profitability
  • advanced concepts and procedures in seasonal trading with high odds
  • intermediate and long-term investment procedures and rules
  • using the COT report and cycles for capturing major trend changes
  • determining appropriate risk levels consistent with goals and account size
  • sessions will be conducted via Skype and telephone one-on-one with Mr. Bernstein
  • Genesis trade navigator will be used for indicators and timing
  • students will have access to all Jake Bernstein webinars during the period of their mentorship and will have access to seasonal trader.com and other Jake Bernstein information sources
  • and, to instruct students in how to approach trading and investing from a professional orientation

Students will be given specific homework assignments and trades will be examined not only in retrospect but also prior to their implementation. The primary goal consistent with the objective stated above is to groom students in professional trading techniques designed to maximize profits and results. The ability to eliminate trading errors is a core feature of level II cents many traders lose as a result of ineffective and/or sloppy procedures.

J Bernstein will not trade your account or provide trading advice in the form of recommendations but rather will guide students in reaching fully objective conclusions based on factual material and indicators supported by historical track records.

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